Canelo v Golovkin…..who would win?

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez v Gennady “GGG” Golovkin…………………will they ever fight? if so who wins?

I’ll let you know what I think the answers to those questions are at the end of the blog.

I watched Canelo beat England’s Liam Smith the other week in Dallas via PPV. I was impressed with his performance. I thought Smith fought a great fight and never took a backward step but Canelo moved really well and didn’t waste too many punches. He slipped a lot of inside shots that Smith tried to get through with and countered very well indeed. I’ve watched Canelo fight many times and I’ve not been that taken aback by how brilliant he was. Sure he always hit hard and had a great chin but in a way I think we may have been conned by him and his team.

At the moment he’s basically a super middleweight (and very close to light heavyweight) fighting light middleweight. Rumors persist that on fight night he’s weighing in at around 180lbs, 26lbs over the weigh in limit at Light middleweight!!!Some of his recent opponents will be 20lbs lighter or more when the bell goes. That’s ridiculous but under the current rules it’s legal and Canelo and his team are taking full advantage of the mockery that is boxing weights.

Watching him fight Smith it was just plain to see that Canelo was miles bigger than Smith, this massive size advantage gives him more punch power and also allows him to take punches better. Smith caught him with some decent shots and Canelo never flinched which eventually broke Smith’s heart and from the 6th onwards it was all one way traffic.

He’s fought at middleweight but now seems happy weighing in against the smaller fella’s to make him appear to be invincible, which at the moment he does. His only loss came against the genius of Mayweather who boxed him to death at light middleweight.

So comes the question of whether he will ever take the risk of fighting Gennady Golovkin.

I don’t think Canelo wants to fight GGG but I think he’ll have to.

He’s happy to keep the gravy train running while fighting the little guys who are moving up. 50,000 watched the fight in the Cowboys stadium against Smith with 100m others watching on TV, mostly all Mexicans. He’s making a lot of money while not taking big risks (although for me anyone getting into a boxing ring is taking a big risk!).

Golovkin didn’t look at his best in beating Kell Brook but still showed glimpses of the incredible power he has which is scaring the heck out of Canelo!

If they do meet who do I think will win?

If they were both guaranteed to weigh in at no more than 165lbs then I would go for Golovkin but Canelo will fight at 180lbs or more and that will mean the thunderous power of GGG might not have the same effect it’s been having on fighters coming in at 165lbs or less when the bell goes. Obviously GGG may opt to pile on more weight to gain even more power but this will slow him down and this won’t do him any favors as he already appears ponderous at times.

Therefore I’d go for a Canelo points victory. I believe both men will be able to absorb their opponents shots and Canelo being the slightly slicker boxer will sneak a win.

Let me know what you think would happen.


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