2 thoughts on “Vardy to Arsenal?”

  1. Tough situation…

    One on hand I don’t think Leicester have a say in it since the bid triggers the release clause. If he were to leave then no way, they won’t get half the player Vardy is for 20 mill.

    I agree the wage bump won’t mean much to him, but the big deciding factor could be a new challenge. Will it ever get better for Leicester than last season? Unless they go and win the Champions League next season, that’s the best season they’ll have ever had.

    Even though our style of play is very different, he could be that new injection of pace we need. With Ozil lobbing the ball in, and some link up play with Sanchez, I think he could thrive at Arsenal. He’d definitely be the starting striker, and would make Danny step up his game too. I know Wenger wouldn’t experiment with a 4-4-2 but that could be an option to try out. If Welbz gets his game up and stays fit, that could be lethal.

    As much as I’d love to see him make the net bulge for us, as a footy fan, I think he’s already home.

    1. I agree Kay, I think Vardy would be awesome for you boys even playing a different way to Leicester and I think it’s a smart move from the prof and maybe like you said, Vardy might want a new challenge to end his career over the next 2 or 3 seasons. That’s the only downside if Arsenal do sign him as I think his game is so reliant on his pace that once that starts to fade when he gets to 31/32 he will become less and less effective and won’t be able to adapt his game whereas someone like Harry Kane has a few more attributes that will probably take him into his mid 30’s in the prem if he stays healthy.

      It’s one of the most interesting transfer bids for a long time and Vardy’s head will be spinning without a doubt because no matter how happy he is at Leicester, playing for a huge club like Arsenal will have been one his dreams as a kid, does he turn down probably his one and only chance????

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