Leicester’s to lose!!!

leicesterThe foxes knew that a win would further strengthen their grip on the title following Spurs’ 1-1 draw with Liverpool at Anfield on saturday and produced a dogged display to beat Southampton 1-0 at the King Power Stadium.

Was there more pressure on them knowing the Tottenham result? I don’t think so. This Leicester side doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word pressure. What allows them to seem so immune to the pressure is that they are so well drilled as a unit. Their formation is quite rigid but every single player knows their role and when you have quality players who know exactly what they have to do then you have a recipe for success.

Ranieri has done a wonderful job. Nigel Pearson built the foundations but the man formerly known as “tinker man” has taken them to another level. While Pearson was a fiery character, Ranieri’s persona is one of fun and his team seem to be actually enjoying the ride. Give a man a pizza as a reward and he’ll run through walls for you, even if he has 2 ferrari’s at home!!

Can they do it? I think they can and will.